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All About the Global Mobility RoundtableTM

Attend an upcoming Global Mobility RoundtableTM in person, online, or on the go. Hear from experts. Have your voice heard. Become part of the conversation.

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Why Global Mobility RoundtableTM?

The Global Mobility RoundtableTM offers its members and meeting attendees:
  • In-person networking opportunities in a corporate only environment
  • Information sharing – policy and program case studies
  • Current and relevant mobility updates
  • An open, non-commercial environment
  • Organizational simplicity – (lack of bylaws, regulations, restrictions, fees, etc.)
  • Ease and convenience of attending informative webcasts

Who we are & what we do

The Global Mobility RoundtableTM, created and hosted by RELO Direct®, is a non-commercial forum for education, networking, and information-sharing established in 2000. Open to HR professionals who manage corporate and government employee mobility programs, the Global Mobility RoundtableTM holds quarterly meetings featuring industry experts and panel discussions in regional markets. All meetings are webcast live for convenient access by all Roundtable members. We also facilitate policy benchmarking on behalf of our membership upon request.

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Want to be a better mobility program manager? Hoping to keep your finger on the industry’s pulse? Connect with your mobility peers and the relocation community with the Global Mobility RoundtableTM! Managing global and U.S. domestic relocation programs for corporations and the U.S. government sometimes poses challenges that can be solved through collaboration. The Global Mobility RoundtableTM, a private, non-commercial forum, is your one-stop resource for benchmarking information, educational relocation materials, mobility survey data, and feedback from a community of relocation and mobility peers that can help you proactively respond to unique issues. Join us by filling out the form so you can connect, collaborate, and learn anytime.

The Global Mobility RoundtableTM web-based enhanced member section requires a sign up/login and is available ONLY to HR, mobility, and U.S. government professionals engaged in the management of mobility and relocation programs domestically and internationally. To protect the privacy of our members and potentially sensitive information, site administrators reserve the right to remove any member not currently managing mobility within a corporation, institution, or U.S. government agency at any time.